Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea — Dead Sea, Jordan

August 29, 2013
Beach at the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea
Beach at the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea

Beach at the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea

Surprisingly upscale for a Holiday Inn, this Dead Sea Resort is perfect whether you want a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a trip with friends. The relaxed vibe and variety of options allow you to make your trip luxurious or laid-back. 
Cleanliness:  Very clean, especially considering the amount of sand and mud tracked in from the Dead Sea. The only exception was my first of three visits, when we found a small lizard in our bathtub. It was more unexpected than something to be upset over, (after all, they eat other, more terrifying insects!).    I got the impression this was a very rare occurrence, and the staff was incredibly apologetic and added the breakfast buffet (otherwise $30), to our room free of charge.
Staff: Throughout Jordan I always find the staff to be very friendly, and the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea is no different. They are always smiling, eager to answer questions and the bartender at the swim up bar gets extra points for being quick with refills.
Comfort: Excellent. Firm beds, perfect temperature and while the noise from nightly poolside entertainment can be heard from the rooms, it doesn’t go past midnight.
Proximity to transportation: This is the tricky part. Getting to the Dead Sea is tough, no matter where you’re staying. There are daily buses from Amman, but they’re not always reliable and won’t drop you off at your hotel. Another option is a taxi from Amman, which should cost about 30JD, but beware of getting ripped off. If you’re spending time in the Dead Sea, renting a car is worth it to see the surrounding area and sights like Mount Nebo and the baptism site.
Nearby Attractions: The main attraction here is the Dead Sea itself. The hotel’s private beach is just a few steps away from the pool and the staff places buckets of therapeutic mud nearby so you can coat yourself with a free spa treatment before stepping in the water. Showers are on hand as well, and you will need them.
Restaurants: The food is good, but not great. What you would expect from a small resort. Large breakfast buffets, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, some traditional food and a typical room service menu. Bars: Great! There’s an indoor sports bar/lounge, and a swim up bar in one of the pools. Fun atmosphere and quick bartenders. 
Pool/Fitness: The pools here are nice because you get a variety. There’s a relaxed, secluded pool close to the beach for adults only, and a larger pool up one level for all ages. Both have ample room for sunning, lifeguards and towels and chairs. The hotel’s private beach is much nicer than the public beaches along the rest of the coast. Small but nice gym and spa.
Scenery: The molten orange and fuchsia sunset over the Dead Sea is beautiful viewed from the beach, pools or sea view rooms. During the day, the view is more rugged, but still nice. No fault of the hotel’s though, as the Dead Sea isn’t exactly a gorgeous body of water.
WiFi: Yes, free.
Amenities: Standard toiletries (deliciously lemon scented!), vanity kit, hairdryer, coffee.
Parking: Free
Airport Transfer: No
Bonus: Nightly entertainment, including belly dancing, masquerade ballet, vocal performances and contests.

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