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New Obsession: Caffe con Crema

September 16, 2013
Caffe con Crema

by Rebecca Holland

I’ve been living in Italy for seven months now, and thought I had a pretty good hang of the café culture. Cappucinos are for breakfast, slamming ten caffes a day is normal, and Starbucks is a four letter word.

But right when I’m getting used to surviving on espresso, (ok that’s a lie, I have an American coffee maker at work because sometimes, I just want volume), a colleague tells me we’re making a detour after lunch to have caffe con crema.

Great! I could use a pick me up, but I assume she means caffe con panna, (espresso topped with whipped cream). After all, I’m a coffee addict and I’ve never heard of such a thing.

So, when this beautiful cup of something most definitely not caffe con panna gets set in front of me at the bar, I’m shocked and delighted.

Caffe con crema is strong espresso topped with a thick, caramel flavored foam and doused with chocolate powder. In other words, it’s incredible. Because of the thick cream, you’ll have to do some stirring and tasting before you can actually sip, but taking your time and licking the spoon makes the whole experience more luxurious.

I am a black coffee drinker. But, caffe con crema is a sweet exception. While it won’t give me my morning caffeine fix, it is an excellent coffee treat, and when in Rome… Well, you know the rest. Happy Monday!

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