Arriving in Bali, 2010

December 11, 2014

IMG_4021Before starting Curiosity and a Carry On, I had another blog that detailed a 2010 backpacking trip through Asia and the Middle East with my best friend. I’ve decided to start sharing some of the stories from that blog here, and when is more appropriate than throwback Thursday?

Here, arriving in Bali in August 2010:

“Arriving in Bali Wednesday night, we found that our hostel was farther away than it looked on the map. “About two, maybe three hours from here, big price,” we were told by every airport taxi. Or…maybe they were just trying to rip us off.  So we abandoned the airport taxis in search of regular ones. Only, the airport was bigger than it looked…and not near anything except highways. Seeing a hotel connected to the airport, we thought maybe they could call us a normal cab, but it didn’t look open. So, logically, we stormed into the police station next door, flung our backpacks on chairs and expressed the extreme urgency of our dilemma. Amused, they sat us down and introduced themselves. They must have been bored, or just thought we were really entertaining, because instead of calling a taxi they chatted for an hour, and more officers kept showing up. Soon there was food and Love Bug on TV, and apparently we were having a party. The food was actually some of the best we’d had in Indonesia so far. Rice, chicken and a spicy sauce wrapped in leaves. One of the officers came into the station, saw us eating with our hands and exclaimed, “I have never seen this before! I have to take a photo!” He then became obsessed with Brianna’s eyebrows and kept trying to convince her to take up Balinese dancing. It was time to leave. We ended up driving with one of their friends…who drives an airport taxi…meaning we made no progress and still had to pay more than we should have. At least we got free dinner.”

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