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Coffee Monday: Atomix Cafe

January 5, 2015

IMG_3726“Home of Coffee and Tables,” the minimalist website for Atomix Cafe reads. How fitting. The simplicity of the place is what I love most about it. It has character, but doesn’t strive for it. It’s effortlessly cool, with good coffee, good service, and a workable space that keeps people coming back. Atomix isn’t cozy. It isn’t oozing coffee shop charm or comfortable reading corners or pretty wooden tables. It looks more like a classroom than a coffee shop. Primary color, cafeteria style tables and chairs line up behind a big, wall-size window, looking out onto Chicago Avenue. It’s a little hipster. Everyone is wearing skinny jeans and knit hats and typing away on Apple computers. It seems to be a mix of art students and writers, but unlike other cafes drawing the same crowd, Atomix isn’t pretentious.

The menu is no frills, but not bad. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest food, but if you need an egg sandwich, it will do. It’s a coffee shop, primarily, and the coffee is good. The best part is you can pay $3 for a bottomless mug and receive endless refills without judgement. I like the staff. They’re friendly but not overly so. Sometimes you have to nudge them from whatever they’re reading to notice you, but it’s a small crime.

I come here whenever I’m in Chicago. Last month, I spent what I was beginning to think was too much time here, and now that I haven’t been in awhile I miss it. Visit for me:

Atomix Cafe – 1957 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL

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