Door County Lighthouse Inn Bed & Breakfast

March 10, 2015

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at Door County Lighthouse Inn Bed & Breakfast. Nearing the end of February, weather in Wisconsin was at it’s fiercest–cold, windy, icy–the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up in bed with a good book and a fireplace. You can’t imagine my joy when I entered my room at the B&B and found just that–a cozy bed and roaring fire waiting for me, with a view of the snowy hills outside. Snow looks much prettier when you’re warm.

Door County Lighthouse Inn

Claire and Frank Murphy opened the inn in 2008, after they were both let go of their corporate jobs in Chicago. They had had enough of corporate America and enough of the recession, so they moved to Door County to work for themselves. They’ve been busy ever since. So busy, in fact, that during the summers they schedule only one weekend off the entire season. By Labor Day they’re exhausted, but winters are more relaxing, and they love meeting new guests and working for themselves, so they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The lighthouse theme, complete with a tower on top of the inn, is what sets the b&b apart from others in the area. “We wanted to be guy friendly,” says Claire. “Not frilly.” In my opinion, the breakfast helps too. I’ve never had such delicious peach cobbler in my life, and the egg bake and endless coffee made my morning. The menu changes all the time, though cherry pancakes are a favorite and show up more often than other items. The real standout though is Claire and Frank themselves. They were so friendly and courteous during my stay, and their stories were fascinating.

Already looking forward to my next visit! For larger groups, vacation rental properties are also available.


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