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2016 Travel Predictions from Tom Spagnola of CheapOair

December 29, 2015
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Around this time each year, I start compiling a wish list of destinations. Actually, I have an ongoing list that covers almost everywhere on earth, so I try to narrow it down to what I can actually fit in during the current year. In 2016 I’m hoping to get to India, Estonia and maybe a few other Eastern European countries, more of Mexico, a trip back to Jordan, Japan, maybe back to Vietnam, Cuba, and lots of trips throughout the US. That might be ambitious, but I’m going to try! Stay tuned to see how the year pans out…

While trip planning, it’s always smart to look for low season deals, and to plan the perfect amount in advance to find the best prices. (I usually find that magic window to be around six weeks ahead of your departure date for flights).

It’s also great to consult a travel expert, if you have the chance. Enter Tom Spagnola, CheapOair’s Senior Vice President of Public Relations. By analyzing CheapOair’s year-over-year data, and taking into consideration factors such as the economy, current events, and more, Tom has come up with a few trends and predictions for 2016, which he shared with me below. Happy trip planning!

Thomas Spagnola, photo courtesy of CheapOair

Thomas Spagnola, photo courtesy of CheapOair

Good news for online booking agencies:

“We will see an increase in revenue from online travel bookings: The 2015 year-end revenue for online travel bookings will be $483 billion, and 2016 online revenues are expected to jump 10 percent.”

And great news for travelers!

“2016 airline fares are expected to drop: In 2016, airfares are expected to be 2-3 percent lower per ticket than the average airfare prices in 2015.

Guess that means we can put all that savings towards an extra trip. 😉

costa rica beach atlantic side tamarindo

On where the crowds could be:

“The top booked destinations for 2016, to date, and the average airfares for each: Orlando ($336 RT), Manila, Philippines ($840 RT) and Miami ($416 RT)”

Note to self: Do not visit Orlando or Miami anytime that could coincide with spring break.

Booking on your phone is about to get easier:

“Mobile app bookings are expected to increase up to 50 percent: One top reason mobile device bookings will continue to gain popularity among travelers is because brands are leveraging push notifications to reach consumers.

cheapoair mobile app layout

Traveling for business? You’re not alone:

“Top destinations for business travel in 2016 and that travel sector is expected to increase: In 2016, business air travel, e.g., business, first and premium economy class seats, will increase by 9 percent.”

**Do you travel for business and find ways to fit in sightseeing? Email me at and I’ll feature you in an upcoming post!**

Budget airlines are the way to go:

“Low cost carriers in the U.S. are expected to see a 15-17 percent capacity growth through 2016.”

Go to Cuba now, before everyone else does:

“Travel to Cuba from the U.S. has increased by 35% since January 2015, and that number will continue to rise as more airlines offer scheduled flights.”

Havana, Cuba photo with cars

Photo courtesy of

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