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The Best Carry On Bags

January 19, 2016
madewell weekender bag

Lost luggage is the worst. So is waiting at baggage claim. Traveling light makes your trip less stressful, and today’s carry-on bags are so advanced and stylish you’ll never want to check luggage again. If the name of this blog hasn’t tipped you off, I always carry on, no matter where I’m going. Stay tuned for more tips on how to pack lightly for any destination, and in the meantime, here are the best carry on bags I’ve found:

everlane twill weekender

For weekend getaways: The Everlane Twill Weekender – This bag is simple and stylish, easy to sling over your shoulder, yet roomy enough to fit more than you need for a weekend away. Plus, it’s 100% water-resistant and comes in a few different colors.

samsonite fiero spinner

For the no-nonsense traveler: The Samsonite Fiero Spinner – It’s no wonder this carry on bag is one of the brand’s best sellers. It’s light yet durable, the hard case protects your belongings no matter where your travels take you, and 360-degree spinning wheels make navigating even the most crowded airports a breeze. P.S. It’s on sale right now! (January 2016)

best carry on bag

For the traveler who is always prepared: The Bluesmart Carry On – Not only does it fit everything your normal carry-on does (and have a special electronics pocket), it also connects wirelessly to your smartphone so you can weigh, lock, and track your luggage no matter where you are in the world. If you must check it, lost luggage is no longer something left up to the hands of overworked airline employees and you can even charge your phone up to six times using your suitcase. Anyone who has found themselves with a dead battery in a foreign location knows that alone is reason to invest.


For the luxe traveler: The Salvatore Ferragamo Keepers Pelle Weekender – Soft calf-leather, beautifully made, and always in style. Whether a work trip or a romantic getaway, you’ll get extra joy from carrying this bag.

victorinox spectra

For the business traveler: The Victorinox Spectra 2.0 – Leave it to the creators of the original Swiss Army Knife to develop the best business carry on on the market. The hard case is full of compartments, so you can store your laptop, chargers, and documents in separate, easy to reach places. The ‘garment mobilizer’ feature has two hanger clamps, perfect for storing suits and showing up just in time for meetings wrinkle-free, and mesh pockets keep shoes safe and dry.

madewell weekender bag

For the effortlessly cool traveler: The Madewell Transport Weekender – Rugged yet luxurious, this bag’s leather lasts forever. It’s not too big, and has a worn, vintage look. A removable shoulder strap, durable zippers, inside pockets, and luggage tag are extra bonuses.

northface terra 65

For the backpacker: The North Face Terra 65 –This backpack got me through nine months around Asia and the Middle East. By the end I never wanted to see it again, but I also couldn’t have done the trip without it, and now I look at it fondly in my closet and am excited for the day I can use it again. It’s comfortable, durable, and fit everything I brought and then bought, which was a lot.

Those are the best carry on bags I’ve found. Any you would add? Next up, packing! Are there any destinations in particular that you would like to know how to pack for? Any types of trips? Let me know and I’ll do a post!

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