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In Her Carry On – Jodi Scott’s 5 Favorites

February 3, 2016
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Last week I had the chance to interview Jodi Scott, one of the founders of Sierra Sage, a company that makes amazing salves for pretty much every skin need you can think of. I don’t think I can travel without the Dry Skin salve ever again, and at home I’ve been using the Skin Repair salve (per Jodi’s recommendation), and have seen a serious transformation. Since she’s the one who makes the stuff, I thought I’d ask Jodi which skin care products she can’t live without while traveling. She can take it from here:

I travel a lot with this job, and I do not leave home without these six products.

  • Oil face wash. It gets all the dirt and all the makeup off and doesn’t dry your face out. If i forget it I am sad.
  • I follow up with Skin Repair on my face every night. In the past, I was really terrible to my skin in the sun, so I have become more conscious now. I use skin repair head to toe a couple of days out of the week. My dermatologist said to me, “I don’t know what you’re doing but your sun spots have gotten so much better!”
  • Then Pain Relief. Flying, standing at trade shows…I get aches and pains and carpel tunnel. I do not leave home without pain relief ever. I use it on my feet, knees, lower back, elbows, everywhere.
  • Lip balm. For obvious reasons!
  • If my daughter who has eczema is with me, then I bring our Dry Skin salve. When I first used it on her, within days there was a noticeable difference, and within week it was gone. I make sure to put it on her from head to toe twice a week. It’s natural. Food for your skin.

With all of these products, people will tell you your skin looks better when using them on a regular basis. Petroleum and other stuff destroys your cells and pulls nutrients out. Be kind to your skin!

What travel skin care products can you not live without? If you have any favorites let me know, and make sure to check out all of Sierra Sage’s amazing travel balms!

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