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Things I Love: The Trip Planning Edition

February 5, 2016
trip planning service

I can’t believe it’s already February! So far this year I’ve been to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Galena (such a cute place!), but am craving something more exotic. So this week has been all about trip planning. Looking into the logistics for a girl’s trip to Cuba, planning a weekend getaway to NYC, a volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic in April, a camping trip in California in June, and hopefully somewhere in Africa in late summer. (And of course some more weekend trips in between!)

Trip planning service

Let me plan your next trip!

Speaking of trip planning, this week I launched a trip planning business! I love finding the best to see, do, and eat everywhere I go, and I want to help you too. Making custom itineraries for friends and family has been a hobby of mine over the past few years, and I hope soon I can be creating itineraries for all of you. Email me at to get started, and until June mention that you read this post to receive 50% off.

Articles I’m loving this week include this one from Emily Monaco on ‘The Power of Bonjour,’ this one by Jessi Hempel on Facebook’s Ambitious Plan to Connect the World, these great career tips from inspiring women, this magical photo guide from Maptia, and these powerful photos from Leila Alaoui who was killed in a jihadist attack while on assignment for Amnesty International in Burkina Faso.

Did anyone else think the recent CDC warning to women was condescending? I get what they were trying to say, but…no. This Washington Post piece is perfect. And while I’m talking feminism, this Lenny (if you don’t subscribe, do!) article on women bashing women who support Hillary Clinton is pretty awesome too. I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, but like the author says, “this kind of gendered bashing is why women don’t run for office in the first place.” Read the article – it’s so good!

On a working level, I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time, because as we all probably assume but also ignore, multitasking is killing our productivity. I’m also feeling great about my number one bad habit, procrastination, which might not be so bad after all. And really excited about this new way for freelancers to tell incredible digital stories for free.

Blog crush of the week: Rebecca Wanderlusting. Another travel blogger in Chicago–finally! AND her name is Rebecca. 🙂 I was so excited to meet her at a recent blogger event, and had a lot of fun thinking of DC recommendations for her upcoming trip. (I used to live there and have a long list of restaurants and things to do if any of you are ever in need – better yet, hire me to plan your DC trip!).

Book I’m reading: Room–Oh.My.God. I could not put this down. Such a brilliant choice to write it from the kid’s perspective, and SO much better than the movie.

Travel product I’m loving: Uber and Airbnb. Trip planning necessities and I don’t know where I would be without either one. If you don’t already have an account, sign up here and get $20 in Airbnb credit. Also this cashmere shawl that instantly upgrades the most basic outfit, and doubles as a blanket on flights or trains.

And finally, the travel deal of the week! I interviewed the founders of Sierra Sage this week and am in love with their travel friendly products. Use the code SAGE25 for 25% off.

sierra sage natural body care

Last weekend I had the greatest time in Chicago with some of my best friends, and this weekend my mom, aunts, and grandma are visiting to go see Beautiful–The Carol King Musical. What are you doing this weekend? Traveling anywhere exciting? Let me know and don’t forget to tag your travel photos with #InMyCarryOn on Instagram!

Have a great weekend and enjoy this hilarious video!

P.S. Happy Founder’s Day to the greatest university in the world, the University of Wisconsin, Madison!!

founders day uw madison

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