Ultimate Beach Body Scrub

April 1, 2016
DIY beach body scrub

All week I’ve been rejoicing over the warmer temperatures. Summer is coming! I can stop being cold ALL the time! I’ve also been getting excited to head to Cuba this weekend. Ninety degrees and sunny! Time on the beach! My skin will no longer be a sickly translucent shade! Then panic set in. I’m extremely pale and have not been utilizing my gym membership as much as I could be. My skin is also dry and patchy in places that haven’t seen the sun in months (basically everywhere except my face and hands).

While it may be too late to fit in lots of pre-beach workouts, it’s not too late for a DIY body scrub that leaves skin silky smooth and ready for shorts, tank tops, and even bikinis.

I started making this scrub when I lived in Italy, where good honey is cheap and olive oil is used in everything. I’m sure I didn’t invent it (though we can pretend I did), but I can guarantee that it works wonders. Best of all, you probably have all of these ingredients in your kitchen.

DIY body scrub

Ultimate Pre-Beach Body Scrub Ingredients:

1 cup sugar (for exfoliation)

1/2 a lemon (all the Vitamin C brightens and evens skin tone)

2 tablespoons honey (I use Manuka honey for its high anti-bacterial property, but any raw honey is great)

Olive oil (for anti-aging and hydration)

ultimate beach body scrub

Mix it all together and use your hands to rub it all over your body in the shower. Warning: It can make the shower floor slippery, so be careful!

That’s it! Your skin will seriously be so soft you’ll find yourself rubbing your own arms throughout the day (or at least I do). Now you’re ready for the beach! And I’m off to the gym and then the airport. Get ready for lots of Cuba posts starting when I return April 10!


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