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In Flight Carry On Essentials

September 12, 2016
in Flight essentials

I’m headed to the airport tomorrow and my carry on is all packed. Even though it’s easy to reach in the overhead compartment, once I’m settled into my seat on a plane I hate getting up or disturbing people to rummage around in my bag. So I always keep a few in-flight essentials in my purse, keeping me happy no matter how many hours we’re in the air.

Flight Essentials

Headphones – We all know the provided headphones are pretty terrible. I love my Beats, because they’re not only great for catching every line of the in-flight movie, but also canceling out the sound of crying children or annoying conversations.

Scarf – I get cold all the time, especially on flights. I use a scarf plus the provided blanket to stay cozy.

Socks – On that note, I always travel with a pair of wool socks too (even in the summer). Call me crazy, but there’s no worse feeling than cold feet.

Sleep Mask – A must for long flights. And this one is so cute!

Eyedrops – Waking up to dry eyes is the worst, especially if you have to be somewhere immediately upon landing. If it’s a really long flight I’ll bring contact solution and wear my glasses for a few hours, but I usually use these eye drops instead. They’re amazing!

Evian travel spray –¬†This is the most refreshing thing you can bring on a flight. It instantly makes your face feel fresh and your makeup look better, even after the longest flights. On a 10-hour layover in Mexico City on the way to Cuba my friends and I used almost an entire bottle. It definitely made us feel better during what was almost 24 hours of travel!

Water Bottle – Because you should be drinking lots of water too, not just spraying it on your face. Save yourself from overpriced airport water bottles (and save the planet!) by bringing your own and filling up.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve – I am never, ever without this, as you know if you read any of my other packing lists. Great for lips, dry skin, nails, etc.

Notebook and pen – For penning ideas for future blog posts of course!

A good book – Currently reading Lean In.

Hand lotion РI usually have something lavender scented, to combat any travel stress. This one was made especially with travelers in mind!

iPhone – My camera, calendar, and window to the world.

Snack – I’m one of those people who weirdly loves airplane food. I get excited for international flights just because of the meals (and how everything is so cutely packaged). But for domestic flights I always, always have a healthy snack on hand. Lately I’m really into Kind bars.

What are your in-flight essentials? Anything I should be bringing that will revolutionize the travel experience?

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