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Fall Travel Essentials

September 22, 2016
fall travel essentials

This morning, I woke up to the first day of fall in a beautiful hotel in London with a view over Green Park. I sat drinking coffee, staring out the window in despair. Was I dreaming, or did the leaves really change ever so slightly overnight?

Fall colors are undeniably gorgeous, rich and warm and reminiscent of a childhood spent flying with a crunch into a giant pile of maple leaves. It’s what they signify that I hate. Winter is coming.

fall in london

If I can’t have an endless summer, London is a pretty idyllic place to be in the fall. As is much of Europe, the Midwest, and the Northeast United States. Fall travel isn’t quite as easy as summer when it comes to packing. You can’t just throw in a few sundresses and call it a day. But you can match the leaves, and everyone looks good in a cozy sweater. Here are my fall travel essentials, especially when traveling in those regions:

Jeans– A good pair of jeans is always in season.

Cozy sweater – I have three packed for a 10 day trip, actually. I really like this one.

Sunglasses – A year-round essential!

Thin tank tops – These are great for layering. And if it’s unseasonably warm you can take off your sweater.

Bodysuits – I wasn’t sure if I would get into these, but after trying one on a month ago I’m hooked. They remind me of my years in ballet and are great to wear with jeans or a skirt during the day.

A plaid button-up – I don’t mean the thick, itchy plaid flannel your dad wears. I mean these thin ones from Urban Outfitters or elsewhere that can be layered with the above tank tops or bodysuit.

fall packing list

Boots – Shoes are one of the things I hate most about packing for fall travel. Boots take up so much room! I usually bring a pair I can wear with everything, then a pair of black flats or heels.

Fall Jacket – It depends where you’re going and what type of jacket you’ll need, but I love either a trench, a jacket like this one, a leather jacket for nights out, or something like this for more outdoorsy trips.

Cuyana Wallet – This wallet is saving my life on this Europe trip! It has a coin pocket inside that snaps shut, so my euros and pounds no longer get lost in every corner of my purse. Before, when traveling anywhere where coins are actually worth something I would always get so frustrated that I didn’t have a better system. The wallet is really soft leather too, and comes in lots of beautiful fall colors.

Lotion – Fall is the start of dry skin season. Preempt the struggle with a travel moisturizer.

Dark polish – Classy day and night, wherever your travels take you. While we’re at it, dark lipstick is nice right around this time of year too.

Camera – For taking photos of the fall colors all around you.

KIND Snacks – After all your walking around taking photos of the leaves, you’ll need a snack. KIND has you covered with their newest flavor, caramel almond pumpkin spice, perfect for the season.

Travel bag – This one is great for carrying a computer, camera, souvenirs, or anything else you can think of.

Carry on bag – My favorite bag this fall. It fit everything I needed for 10 days in Europe!

What are your fall travel essentials? Let me know!

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