30 Days of Yoga With CorePower | Week One

November 28, 2016
yoga classes for travel

I like to think I’m a pretty healthy person. I walk everywhere and broccoli is one of my favorite foods. (I get points for that, right?) Still, there are two things that get in the way.

  1. Travel is not conducive to regular workouts.
  2. Food is one of the main reasons I travel.

There are a few things I always do to stay in shape while traveling, and a full post on all of them is coming in a few weeks. One method is working out at gyms or studios that have memberships across the country. If you travel often around the US, a CorePower, PureBarre, LA Fitness, or other membership that gives you access to locations in most states is a great option.

I’ve been wanting to get into yoga for years, but would only go to classes sporadically. I had visions of sinewy arms and perfect poses on a beach, ideally with a vibrant sunset in the background. In reality though, my photos never looked as good as the yoga goddesses I follow on Instagram.

corepower yoga 30 days

Clearly, I need some work. Hopefully these next few weeks help!

In an effort to finally practice more regularly, I looked into CorePower. There’s a studio across the street from my house, which is highly convenient, but even more convenient are the more than 160 locations across the country. I’ve been traveling around the US a lot in 2016, a trend that will probably continue in the new year, so why not join a studio that doesn’t give me an excuse to slack while traveling?

To force myself into a routine, I’m starting off with 30 Days of Yoga. The intention was to go every day for 30 days and document it weekly here. As you’ll see from Week One below, I haven’t quite succeeded, but week two starts today so wish me luck.

What better time to get into a workout routine than the holidays, when (mostly unhealthy) food is everywhere you look? Plus, with so many locations you can squeeze in classes from grandma’s house, or as an excuse to get away from your parents or something. If anyone else wants to join in doing 30 Days of Yoga, keep me updated on your progress! Always more fun to know others are joining in. Plus, your first week is free at CorePower, so you might as well give it a shot.

Week One at CorePower Yoga 

Day 1, Monday: I’m excited to start, and even more excited when I step into the heated studio, a welcome reprieve from the recently cold Chicago weather. The class is Hot Power Fusion, which seemed like a decent class to start with. Challenging, but not debilitatingly so. Since it’s my first class, I get a free mat (rentals are usually $2). I’m not completely new to yoga, so I make it through the class in one piece, but am also surprised how sweaty I am. So sweaty. I feel healthy already.

Day 2, Tuesday: Today I take a CorePower 2 class, which is harder than I expected. Everyone is doing handstands and balancing on their heads. Someone tells me it depends on the instructor, and this particular one is really into inversions. I make a mental note to try another teacher until I make it to that level. Still, feeling accomplished for two days in a row.

Days 3, 4, 5, and 6: I fail. I do not go to yoga. I’m supposed to go Wednesday morning before leaving for Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, but work piles up and I’m panicked about getting it done and I don’t. At home, I eat turkey and pie and sit in a snuggie (yes, really) and watch TV with my brother. Though there are plenty of CorePower locations, my parents live in a tiny town near none of them, so I use that as an excuse (don’t follow my example!). Eventually on Friday I feel guilty and I do a yoga workout at home, and go for a run. Saturday a friend is getting married, so I try to make up for my missed days and look good in my dress by doing what feels like endless planks.

Day 7, Sunday: Sunday I’m back in Chicago and sore from dancing at the wedding in heels. I go to Core Restore, which is an easy class but feels amazing. It’s basically just stretching, which is my strong point when it comes to yoga. I love the slight pain of stretching and the soreness the next day (this probably goes back to my background in ballet, and the messed up fact that dancers are happy about the strangest pain, like when their toes bleed). A good way to end the weekend and mentally prep for the week ahead.

And now we’re back to Monday, and I’m signed up for a class tonight and have made a schedule for the entire week. I hope I can stick to it, and can’t wait to check in with you next week to tell you how it’s going! Want to join me? Check out the CorePower class schedule wherever you live and follow me here or on Instagram to send me your updates!

P.S. To reward yourself for a successful workout, do a little holiday shopping. 

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