30 Days of Yoga With CorePower | Week Two

December 6, 2016
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Happy Tuesday! A busy weekend working with a friend at the Renegade Craft Fair and lots of Monday deadlines mean I haven’t had the chance to share my second week of yoga at CorePower with you yet, and also that I didn’t quite make it every day. Here’s what I did do:

Week Two at CorePower Yoga 

Day 8, Monday: I have high hopes for this week, and I go to the candlelight Hot Power Fusion class at the Gold Coast location after a particularly trying Monday. Perfect way to end the day.

Day 9, Tuesday: Work piles up and I keep putting off yoga. I have four different classes on my calendar, but I miss all of them. I walk home from work annoyed.

Day 10, Wednesday: I go to Core Power Yoga 1, which is relaxing and useful for perfecting poses.

Day 11, Thursday: This was by far the worst day, though maybe also the best. I go to Yoga Sculpt and almost don’t make it through. I blame lack of sleep and not eating a substantial dinner the night before, but the reality is probably that I’m weak and not in as good of shape as I want to believe. Yoga Sculpt is a mix of weights, cardio, and yoga, and it is a lot harder than it sounds. I spend a good amount of time panting on the mat and chugging water.

Day 12, Friday: I squeeze in another Hot Power Fusion class before meeting a friend who’s in town for dinner. I almost didn’t go, but am so happy I did. It was annoying to be so sweaty and have to frantically get ready to meet her, but going into a night of eating and drinking is a lot more enjoyable after working out.

Days 13 & 14: This weekend, I worked with the visiting friend at the Renegade Craft Fair at the Bridgeport Art Center. I thought I might be able to fit in a class or two, but I thought wrong. We were there all day both days, and exhausted by the end of it.

When I started this 30 Days of Yoga challenge I had intentions of going every single day for 30 days. I’m annoyed at myself that this isn’t happening, but also realizing maybe it’s just not possible, and either way going several times a week has made me feel a lot healthier and better about my life.

Stay tuned for what happens in week three! Want to join me? Check out the CorePower class schedule wherever you live and follow me here or on Instagram to send me your updates!

P.S. To reward yourself for a successful workout, do a little holiday shopping. 

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