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Holiday Travel Hair With Living Proof

December 8, 2016
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When I’m traveling (which is most of the time), I dread washing my hair. It’s time consuming and takes forever to dry. I like low maintenance travel, but also like to look nice. I met Adam of Lumination Salon last time I got my hair cut (thanks for the recommendation Rachel!), and admitted my aversion to hair washing.

lumination salon chicago adam

Adam Bogucki, owner of Lumination Salon in Lakeview, Chicago

I thought he would scold me, but instead he introduced me to Living Proof dry shampoo, which in the time since has been a life saver. You know I love dry shampoo–I’ve talked about packing it on this blog before. Still, sometimes it makes your hair feel heavy or cakey. Living Proof is the first dry shampoo that actually cleans your hair. You spray it on, massage it in, then shake it out. It’s amazing. They also make shampoo that actually keeps your hair cleaner for longer.

When you’re traveling for the holidays, family bathrooms can be crowded, hotel hair dryers can be pathetic, and the temptation to laze around in your pajamas eating Christmas cookies for breakfast until you absolutely have to get ready can seem too great. Adam gave me some easy tips for styling my hair over a long weekend of holiday travel, and I’m so excited to share them with you!

Day One: Blowout

travel hair living proof holidays

Before leaving town, give yourself a sleek blowout. Better yet, have someone do it for you. Maneuvering the brush and hairdryer is hard!

living proof salons chicago


living proof blowout

Adam used nourishing oil on my hair before blow drying, and followed up with this no frizz humidity shield. It uses a special molecule to block even 100% humidity, which is  great for travel in all weather, and the unpredictable air quality of airplanes.

living proof travel products

Arrive at your destination looking polished and like the holidays and end of the year work crunch haven’t been stressing you out.

Day Two: Go Wavy

beachwaver hair styles

Ok sometimes I work while on vacation (all the time)

Have you guys used the Beachwaver yet? It is SO incredibly easy to use. I was blown away by it, and now will never curl my hair with anything else. This is the fastest way to completely change your hairstyle from holiday party to holiday party.

best chicago hair salon

Tip from Adam: curl each section of hair in opposite directions to make it look more playful, and use this Living Proof dry volume blast, which is super light but gives your hair amazing texture.

Day Three: Perfect Ponytail

lumination salon chicago

Most people can skip a day of hair washing, but by day three are more skeptical about facing the world sans shampoo. Spray in some dry shampoo, shake it out, and pull those waves from yesterday up into a ponytail.

party ponytail ideas

It doesn’t matter if your curls have fallen a bit, they’ll still make your ponytail look better than average.

best travel hair styles

Finally, wrap a strand of hair around the base and pin it. This looks like it took lots of time of curling and teasing, but it took less than five minutes.

Day Four: Braided Bun

best travel hair products

By day four, you’re getting close to needing to wash your hair, but you’re probably also getting close to the end of your trip. Braid yesterday’s ponytail and twist it into a bun, using a few bobby pins to hold it in place. This is an easy look for the flight or drive home. Polished, but comfortable.

airplane beauty tips

If you guys are looking for more hair tips, or a salon in Chicago, I cannot recommend Lumination Salon enough! Adam is awesome, and my hair has never felt healthier or looked better. Thanks to Jennifer Claire Photography for the photos!

P.S. Looking for some last minute gifts to bring with you wherever you’re headed this holiday season? Check out my gift guide for travel lovers! 


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