30 Days of Yoga With CorePower | Week Three

December 14, 2016

If you’ve been following along, you know that in Week One I slacked a bit on yoga because of Thanksgiving and in Week Two I came to terms with the fact that missing days is not ideal, but going at all is what counts. I had high hopes for Week Three. I feel like I’m getting a little more flexible, and I look forward to classes. However, as someone who gets bored very easily, I did decide to switch it up a bit.

Week Three at CorePower Yoga (And PureBarre!)

Monday: I didn’t go to yoga today, but I did go to a PureBarre class. I wanted to switch things up after yoga for two weeks, and had heard amazing things about these barre classes. I went to the Old Town location for an early morning class, where everyone was clearly a regular. These girls were in great shape. The instructor was awesome, taking time to show me how to use the resistance bands on the bar, and giving encouraging feedback. After class, she gave me lots of tips for staying in shape while traveling, which I can’t wait to share with you next week. Another reason I like PureBarre (aside from how sore in all the right places I felt all day), is that like CorePower, there are locations across the country. It’s a great choice for a membership if you travel often.

Tuesday: I attempted Yoga Sculpt again (if you read last week’s update, you know this was a struggle). This time was better, but after PureBarre and then this, I was in pain.

Wednesday: I went out Tuesday night to meet a friend I hadn’t seen in forever, meaning I missed an early morning yoga class, then work caught up with me the rest of the day and night. Fail.

Thursday: Hot Power Fusion by candlelight. I especially love the candlelight classes to wind down after a long day, while still getting a good workout. This month has been especially stressful for me, as I’m sure it has been for a lot of you. The end of the year, while being festive and fun, can also be insanely busy. There have been lots of days where I have not wanted to go to yoga, or where I was sure I was too busy, or too annoyed at someone, or something. Of course, as soon as I was there I was always glad I was, and after each class I always felt better, without exception.

Friday: I went to CorePower Yoga 2, where I still couldn’t do all the crazy headstands half the class could, but overall felt comfortable.

Saturday and Sunday: I’m starting to realize that weekends are definitely my hardest time to stick to a workout routine. This weekend I was in Milwaukee, partly being a tourist and part seeing friends, so yoga did not happen. I was planning on going to a class back in Chicago Sunday night, but we were basically in a blizzard and I opted for pajamas and hot chocolate instead. I forgave myself and made a mental note to really power through the final week starting Monday, and not miss any days.

Stay tuned for the final 7 days! Want to join me? Check out the CorePower class schedule wherever you live and follow me here or on Instagram to send me your updates!

P.S. To reward yourself for a successful workout, do a little holiday shopping. 

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