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My Favorite Travel Beauty Products

April 13, 2017
best travel beauty products

How could I get ready in hotels without these mini miracle workers?

I love getting ready, and I love mini things. So, naturally, travel beauty products are some of my favorite things in the world. This list could be very, very long, but I try to limit what I actually pack, so I have room in my carry on for more important things like clothes and souvenirs. What are the travel beauty products you can’t live without? Fuel my addiction and let me know!


Hair Dryer–If you’re going to be staying in hotels, you probably don’t need this. If you’re staying in hostels, some Airbnbs, or elsewhere, you might. My hair takes forever to dry and it when left natural it looks like a crazy lion mane, so I either need to wait hours after showering for it to dry so I can straighten it, or use a hair dryer. This one is the best, but this one is cheaper and works well too.  Make sure you bring a good converter so you don’t have it break on you.

Travel straightener–Maybe you’re lucky enough to not need this. If not, I like this one.

Travel Shampoo & Conditioner–I steal these from hotels (hotels with luxury bath amenities get so many points from me!), but if I’m staying in an Airbnb I bring Tresseme. I also really love their hairspray, partly because it smells delicious.

Dry Shampoo–Travel lifesaver.

Salt spray–A must for beach vacations.

Wet brush–My friend Laura introduced me to this wonderful creation in Cuba and now I’m obsessed. (Also how cute is the travel size?)

best travel toiletries

Laid back locations require laid back locks, courtesy of salt spray.

Face & Makeup 

Makeup–Minimal makeup is easiest when traveling, so I stick with a good BB cream, mascara, and a lipstick/gloss that goes with everything. Throw in a black eyeliner for night. And lip balm, all the time.

Face wipes–For camping trips and other times when water/sinks are not readily available.

Boscia cleansing oil–For when you can actually wash your face.

Sunscreen –Always!

Night cream–I like this one lately.

best drugstore travel beauty products

Some drugstore essentials


Hand cream–No need to be fancy. This one is cheap and effective.

Travel manicure kit–Snagged nails irritate me and I end up picking at them until I can find a nail file. I’ve learned to always have one on hand.

Travel perfume–Not an essential, but I recently fell so in love with this scent I want it around all the time.

Body balm–It doesn’t spill in your bag!

Evian spray–Oh so refreshing after long flights.

Travel bottles–Prefer to bring your normal products? Pour them in these, which don’t spill no matter what you do.

Pack it all in here.



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