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    Hiking Essentials for Any Type of Trip

    Fall in the Midwest is upon us in all it’s colored glory. I’ve never truly embraced this season because I know what it signals: short days and long, cold nights to come. Still, the…

    October 18, 2017
  • best bras for travel
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    The Perfect Bra for Travelers Has Arrived

    The Bra Lab, a side clasping bra with interchangeable straps, offers a comfortable, easy solution for travelers. Gina Crevi, owner of two contemporary women’s boutiques in Illinois, noticed her customers were trying on clothes…

    May 12, 2017
  • best travel hair
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    Holiday Travel Hair With Living Proof

    When I’m traveling (which is most of the time), I dread washing my hair. It’s time consuming and takes forever to dry. I like low maintenance travel, but also like to look nice. I…

    December 8, 2016
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    Five Fall Staples for Midwest Travel

    Fall in the Midwest is beautiful, but also unpredictable. Some days it’s freezing, some days it’s 80 degrees, and often you’ll experience warm and cold weather in one day. It’s a great time to…

    November 7, 2016
  • fall travel essentials
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    Fall Travel Essentials

    This morning, I woke up to the first day of fall in a beautiful hotel in London with a view over Green Park. I sat drinking coffee, staring out the window in despair. Was…

    September 22, 2016
  • in Flight essentials
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    In Flight Carry On Essentials

    I’m headed to the airport tomorrow and my carry on is all packed. Even though it’s easy to reach in the overhead compartment, once I’m settled into my seat on a plane I hate…

    September 12, 2016
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    Road Trip Essentials

    The past year has been one of road trips. From Iceland to Mexico to Costa Rica to Nashville and the Smoky Mountains to Route 395, and countless trips to Wisconsin, I’ve spent a lot of time…

    August 26, 2016