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  • sunflower fields spain

    Road Tripping In Southern Spain

    Every time I visit Spain, I vow to move there. A recent road trip with my friends Brianna and Vince from Lisbon to Barcelona made the idea even more tempting. Brianna and Vince were…

    July 13, 2017
  • livia hengel rome photographer

    Livia Hengel | Rome Expert

    There are many good things that came out of moving to Rome. An appreciation for something as simple as cheese and cracked pepper on fresh pasta, for one, or having the luxury of walking…

    November 3, 2016
  • eiffel tower paris photo

    Rebecca Plotnick | Everyday Parisian

    I started following Rebecca Plotnick on Instagram around the same time I moved to Chicago in 2015. Her photos of Paris were beautiful and had a dreamy quality to them, and suffering through that…

    July 27, 2016