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Travel Consulting

Do you want to know how you can travel full-time? Have you been dreaming of working remotely from around the world? Do you want to learn how to travel for free? It’s not as impossible as it seems! Let’s work together so you can ditch your day job and start living the life you’ve always wanted. Or just take a really great vacation. During a 1-hour Skype call you can ask me anything you want about traveling, freelancing, destinations, travel tips, you name it. ($50/hour).

During our call, we will:

Answer all of your travel and freelance questions

Start planning your next trip or your new business

Outline the steps you need to take to reach your dreams

Possibly schedule additional calls to keep you on the road to success, and on the actual road more often.


For Brands

Hi! Are you interested in working together? I’m available for collaboration and advertising in the food and travel industries. I love sharing new experiences, beautiful hotels, delicious food, and my favorite carry-on items with readers. If you’re interested in working together, get in touch at Please note that I do not offer free advertising, but am happy to work with you on rates.


For Readers

First of all, thank you for reading! I love hearing from you. Reach out anytime on Instagram or at

Before you go through the work of an email though, let’s talk about some common questions:

“I want to blog about travel”  Or “I want to travel full-time. Can you help me?”

Yes! I definitely can. However, it’s not a quick process, and not something I can explain in one email. If you have questions about working remotely, from how to get freelance clients to what kind of work you can do to what type of insurance to buy, and anything and everything in between, sign up for a Skype session with me. We’ll talk one-on-one about all of your questions, and make a plan to help you move forward. ($50/hour).  

“I’m heading to X destination and want to do Y and Z. Have you been? What are your recommendations?” 

I write itinerary-style posts for almost every trip I take, so make sure to do a search on the blog before sending this type of email. If you want one or two recommendations, send me a message on Instagram and I’ll answer them during my weekly Q&A series (Thursday afternoons). If you would like a complete itinerary, get in touch! I’m happy to put together customized itineraries for readers. Learn more about those here.

“Can I interview you?”

Yes! If you’re a reader, fellow blogger, journalist, or anyone else looking for me to contribute to your site/article/social media feeds, please get in touch.



For any other questions or feedback please reach out on Instagram or send me an email at