The New Hotel Booking Site We’ll Be Using in 2018

December 26, 2017

When you travel as much as we do at Curiosity Magazine, you want logistics to be as simple as possible. We use flight aggregators to book airfare, and have been waiting for something similar for hotels. There are a few tools that do pull rates from other booking sites, but generally they’re not as user friendly as going to the site on your own, or sometimes we’ve found the prices are still slightly higher than if you put in the leg work yourself. That’s all changing with

hotel booking

This new comparison tool pulls prices from,,,,,,,, and more. It highlights the cheapest price from more than 200 booking sites, then lists the others below. While most people will probably go with the cheapest option, we can see why it’s useful to show the full list. For example, we use often because of their rewards program, so if a room at was only $5 more expensive than the cheapest option, it might be worth it for us to book there. Either way, it’s great to have all prices listed with just one search, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to never overpay.

Once you choose your price option, you’ll be redirected to that site (Expedia, Priceline, etc.). We used DirectHotels last weekend to book a staycation in Chicago, where we’re based. We got a gorgeous room at the Intercontinental, one of Chicago’s best hotels, for only $139 per night. That was the cheapest price offered, and it was through Travelocity. To be honest, we rarely check Travelocity, mainly because there just isn’t time to check every hotel booking website, and we have our go-to favorites. Without, we would probably have booked through one of the other options for around $170 per night.

We know how we’ll be booking hotels in 2018! What about you? What are your favorite travel sites and tools? Let us know!

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